8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Tom
    Your recent work is awesome !! I love the parallels to the iconic works of art ! I thought I saw a hint of Jasper Johns tonight!
    This is a wonderful website! I love your reference to Disneyworld and paradise!! I cannot believe you have not gotten this work into a Gallery! Good to see you tonight!
    Keep on keeping on!!!

  2. Thank you Catherine!!!
    Your positive outlook always inspires me! Loved seeing you and Jim tonight at the Little Big show!

  3. Tom,
    Congratulations! The fellowship is exciting. The website is great.
    You quicken my Art Spirit.

  4. Love the new work Tom. Very clever links to older works and great use of Iconic graphic images.

  5. Tommy you are brilliant. Wow your interpretations are sheer genius. Looking forward to seeing you.

  6. Wow!! Fabulous paintings! You are multi-TALENTED. Miss you! Ari and Brian have bought a house near Leesburg, VA so I am down there often. Maybe we can arrange a visit. Rollie

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