Back in Brooklyn!

“American Gothic” (after Grant Wood) can now be seen at the
Lincoln Station Cafe & Delicatessen in Crown Heights (409 Lincoln Pl, Brooklyn, NY) one block from the Brooklyn Museum. A great place to meet up with friends or work on your laptop over delicious food and drink. Many thanks to Jacob Somers and John Thomas!

Tom Newby "American Gothic" (after Grant Wood) in Lincoln Station -  Brooklyn, NY
Tom Newby “American Gothic” (after Grant Wood) in Lincoln Station – Brooklyn, NY

Now in “Gallery 37″

Birth of Venus (after Botticelli) and Olympia (after Manet) can now be seen at Marcia Reed’s delightful “Gallery 37 – A Destination for for Artful Living” in Milford DE. There they join an eclectic collection of quality artwork by contemporary artists including the two round Tondo paintings by James Hendricks and the welded steel table by Justin Thomas seen in these photos.

Gallery 37 – A Destination for Artful Living
8 So. Walnut St.
Milford, DE 19963Tom Newby Venus in Gallery 37Tom Newby Olympia in Gallery 37

Now Showing!

Tom Newby - Biggs Museum InstallationSeven pieces from my “Ubiquitous Figure Series” are now incorporated into the remarkable “Greek Revival Gallery” at the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Delaware, as part of the Delaware Division of the Arts 2015 Fellowship Award Winners show.  They will be on display through September 27th.  Many thanks to museum curator Ryan Grover and the Delaware Division of the Arts for this unique opportunity!

“…in with the new!”

Presenting my first completed painting of 2015:

“New Members” – after Ad Reinhardt (from whom I shamelessly appropriated  the  square black painting on the back wall).  Comprising two wood panels totaling: 96 1/4″ x  48″ x  1 7/8″.

– To my dear friend and ‘artist challenger’ Catherine Carney,  that’s 1 down; 14 to go!

"New Members" ©2015 Tom Newby
“New Members” ©2015 Tom Newby

I’m An Emerging Fellow!

I am thrilled and honored to learn that I have been selected for the “2015 Emerging Fellowship in the Visual Arts: Painting”                  by The Delaware Division of the Arts!

Along with a generous monetary grant the award comes with great exhibition opportunities and a link from to my own web page on the website.

Many thanks, for this invaluable recognition,  to The Delaware Division of the Arts, Paul Weagraff, Lisa Monty, Roxanne Stanulis,  the independent jurors, the taxpayers of the State of Delaware and, of course, Connie Newby who has always encouraged me through thick and thin.

Self Portrait / "artist in the studio" ©2014 Tom Newby
Self Portrait / “artist in the studio”
©2014 Tom Newby

A Postcard from the edge

Earlier in the week Connie and I each submitted Postcards for the Visual AIDS – 17th Annual “Postcards from the Edge” show.   Mine is titled “Missing Person” and is dedicated to our dear friend Richard Hunt. This benefit sale is to be held between January 31st and February 1st at the Luhring Augustine Gallery – 531 W 24th St, New York, NY.  All 4″x 6″ postcards are donated by the artist and to be sold anonymously for $85.

© 2014 Tom Newby   "Missing Person" Visual AIDS, Postcards from the Edge
© 2014 Tom Newby “Missing Person”

A first look at the Last Supper:

Friday, I completed the first trial assembly of the Last Supper.  I finished painting the seven 32″ x 48″ panels about a month ago but had to put them aside without ever seeing them together.  After building these seven wooden support structures I was finally able to assemble the individual pieces  in a wide arc outside the studio:




My focus group objected to the golden chalice for some reason, so I had Teddy remove it in photoshop:

Last Supper (after da Vinci) -trial assembly ©2014 by Tom Newby
Last Supper (after da Vinci) -trial assembly
©2014 by Tom Newby

Looking back, I think Leonardo da Vinci took his out as well…

Now Showing!

The “Little Big  Show” opened last night at the Talleyville Frame Shoppe. These four pieces by me were joined by about 100 other works of art, all 6″ x 8″ created by over 50 artist. There was a great turn out for the event which was hosted by Rick Frane and Wendy Mitchell.  Many thanks to both of them as well as Mark Rosenblatt (curator) for putting the whole thing together.  The Show will be up for the rest of the month so, if you are in the area, please come by and check it out!

"Four Couples" (after Johns) ©2014 Tom Newby
“Four Couples” (after Johns)
©2014 Tom Newby