I’m An Emerging Fellow!

I am thrilled and honored to learn that I have been selected for the “2015 Emerging Fellowship in the Visual Arts: Painting”                  by The Delaware Division of the Arts!

Along with a generous monetary grant the award comes with great exhibition opportunities and a link from tomnewbyart.com to my own web page on the artsdel.org. website.

Many thanks, for this invaluable recognition,  to The Delaware Division of the Arts, Paul Weagraff, Lisa Monty, Roxanne Stanulis,  the independent jurors, the taxpayers of the State of Delaware and, of course, Connie Newby who has always encouraged me through thick and thin.

Self Portrait / "artist in the studio" ©2014 Tom Newby
Self Portrait / “artist in the studio”
©2014 Tom Newby

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